Farmer Producer Company Projects

Farmer producer companies (FPCs) allow food producers to group together to get discounted rates  while purchasing and more competitive rates while selling as a collective.

One and a Half Organic Goat Farm
Some of our farmer groups have registered a farmer producer company (FPC) consisting of 129 members. This goat farming FPC project will be financed, marketed, and run professionally under the guidance of Mai Mati.

Tea Growers in Assam
We have started working with small tea growers in Dimakushi and Udalguri district of Assam, near the foothills of the Himalayan range and Bhutan border. We are using the same FPC model and bringing growers together under their own FPC so that they can earn far better rates. We are working with Alliance Development of Organic Farming. We will be working there as ADOF Maitreya Grower Groups.

Attapady Tribal Development Group Projects
FPC projects with the at-risk tribal communities in Attapady, Kerala include pig and goat farming.