Mai Mati Foundation

Mai Mati seeks to empower farming communities so they can adopt organic and sustainable farming practices with reduced water consumption.

Our goal is to make farmers rain-independent so their communities can thrive in drought conditions. We are also working towards bringing back high-nutrient seed varieties, aiding seed diversity and conservation.

  • Impacted 5000 farmers in 30 villages in 4 states of India­
    (Maharashtra, Assam, Kashmir, and Kerala)
  • Farming high-nutrient, rarer crops such as Khapli (Emmer) wheat and black rice
  • Farmer training and providing subsidized organic farming certifications
  • Working with 90+ Kisan Maitreya farmer groups so they can work together for collective buying advantages and economic efficiency
  • Developing a market for the produce and crops grown by these farmers

Mai Mati (pronounced Maa-ee Maa-tee) stands for Mother Earth.